It is used in proportion of 90% only in the game of roulette , with chances of winning of 50% -50%, at the stake on the black or red colors of the number from the roulette, even and odd numbers, numbers that fall into the group of the little ones (1-18) or in the big ones (19-36). This theory holds that if we normally bet on the red or black color of roulette, they should be drawn equally, at least in theory. At a series of 100 rounds of roulette, the two colors should be drawn at about the same frequency, so about 50 times each.

This is only a relative matter because in practice this is not the case. There are times when a lot of black numbers follow one another, then only a few tomatoes and then again a lot of black numbers, being an enormous disproportion. This disproportion is called Ecart and can even be about 10%, which is quite a lot. The strategy of Ecart numbers can be put into practice when this difference, the so-called disproportion is very visible to the players during several rounds of play.

Suppose that in the previous rounds a lot of red numbers were drawn by roulette, being more frequent than the black ones. According to the Ecart strategy, they will appear much more frequently in the next rounds. If you play in color after this strategy, it is recommended to bet on the red color only after 3-4 consecutive black numbers have been drawn before. After a lot of statistics made in different casinos, it turned out that after a series of 3-5 numbers of the same color drawn by the roulette consecutively, at a very short interval of time, another series of numbers of the same color follows.

It is not a 100% safe method but from a statistical and theoretical point of view it gives us quite a lot of confidence and can be used from time to time to maximize our profits in certain circumstances. This Ecart strategy is used by a lot of casino players around the world, but it doesn’t work indefinitely, so you need to know extremely well when to put it into practice, but for this you need some experience that is of course built into time.